Neptune Artic limited edition Bracelet

"Ice, Ice, Planet. This baby is named after the ice giant of our outer solar system."

Bracket bracelets are made of stainless steel and gemstone beads.

A gemstone is a natural stone and every piece is distinct. Like a fingerprint, the colour and pattern are different for each stone, making every bracelet unique.

Thanks to the 8 robust rings, the bracelet can easily be adjusted to any wrist size between 16.5 cm / 6.5 in (men's XS) and 22 cm / 8.6 in (men's XL).

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Penguins love the water, but our bracelets don't. They are waterproof, but contact with water accelerates the aging process. That's why you never see a penguin with a bracelet on. We recommend to take the bracelet off when you shower or go swimming, especially in salt water. If you want to geek out a bit and learn more about what makes a high-quality bracelet, check the Product Details below.


This is for the product nerds (like us). We are so proud of this bracelet that we love to take a closer look at the specifications.
  1. Clasp: The strong 18mm Lobster Clasp is made of stainless steel. You click it on the right ring to close the bracelet with a perfect fit.
  2. Charm: The first charm is what connects the wire and the clasp. It's a fundamental piece of the bracelet. That's why we made a 12mm charm with a powerful attachment to the wire.
  3. Wire: A stainless steel wire with the right balance between flexibility and strength.
  4. Beads: 10 gemstones with a diameter of 8mm.
  5. Block: A small stainless steel rectangle with our beloved President Penguin on opposite sides.
  6. Beads: 6 gemstones with a diameter of 8mm.
  7. Charm: The second charm, for a strong connection between the wire and the rings. The size and material (again stainless steel) are identical to the first charm.
  8. Rings: A total of 8 robust rings, also made from stainless steel. The rings enable you to adjust the size and give the bracelet a tougher appearance.
  9. Coin: The finishing touch is a thin coin with the biggest penguin boss of all time on both sides.
Style is key, but you can see that we never compromise on quality and durability.

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