The connection from beginning to now....


Launch of BRACKET 

Slogan: Dare to wear.

As a final assignment for school, 4 classmates started a bracelet brand called: BRACKET which literally means link. The boys were given an assignment from school. Start your own company. No sooner said than done. BRACKET was born.

After a few months of selling to friends and family, even more customers began to come in, and demand from retail was so great that production had to be scaled up.

Unfortunately, after about 3 years it was decided by 3 classmates that it was no longer something they wanted to continue with. Except for Coen Hertogs.


Two brothers.

Slogan: A label founded by brothers

After the takeover by two brothers named Coen and Luuk Hertogs, a new direction was set for BRACKET. An own sneaker line is the dream of the 2 young brothers.

The dream became a reality in late 2018 along with a collection of t-shirts in four colors. 


Acquisition BRACKET new start new ideas.

Slogan: Founded by Brothers

Why only make T-shirts and sneakers when you have 1,000 other ideas? That was what Jacky thought of when he took over BRACKET from Coen and Luuk.

All designs originate in Helmond, North Brabant where the BRACKET headquarters is located. We have collections made in Portugal but also do business in the Netherlands and outside Europe.

Currently, our product range exceeds 400 items.

The goal is to remain affordable for people who want to feel good, at the style that suits them. Age is unimportant here.


Overall concept BRACKET 

Thought: More than just clothes and more than just online.

BRACKET is more than just clothing or sneakers. It is about an experience and making a connection between people. This is not just about age but about feeling good about what you wear. Building a brand is not something that can be done in a short period of time. It is a long road in which there are many ups and downs. Of course, what you also have to do is create a direction. Where are you going with the brand.

In 2021, BRACKET started its own brand store. This of course in the heart of our hatchery Helmond. After the opening it became immediately clear that we can make a good start from here.


New BRACKET sneakers

Irmão means brother in Portuguese.

Irmão "brother" was chosen as the name because the sneakers are handmade in Portugal.

BRACKET took inspiration from previous collections where uniqueness and replaceability were the focus.

We have developed this further and managed to apply it to a design that we fully supported: A nice and sleek but above all fine trainer!

In spring 2022, we are working on a completely new design and different shape sneaker. This sneaker is also iconic in its segment with a replaceable aspect.

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