BRACKE Sunrise Artic LIMITED Edition Bracelet

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BRACKET Stardust Artic LIMITED Edition Bracelet Oorspronkelijke prijs was: €29,95.Huidige prijs is: €24,95.
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BRACKET Mercury Artic LIMITED Edition 8mm Bracelet Oorspronkelijke prijs was: €29,95.Huidige prijs is: €24,95.
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Penguins love the water, but our bracelets don’t. They are waterproof, but contact with water accelerates the aging process. That’s why you never see a penguin with a bracelet on. We recommend to take the bracelet off when you shower or go swimming, especially in salt water. If you want to geek out a bit and learn more about what makes a high-quality bracelet, check the Product Details below.


This is for the product nerds (like us). We are so proud of this bracelet that we love to take a closer look at the specifications.
  1. Clasp: The strong 18mm Lobster Clasp is made of stainless steel. You click it on the right ring to close the bracelet with a perfect fit.
  2. Charm: The first charm is what connects the wire and the clasp. It’s a fundamental piece of the bracelet. This is where low-quality bracelets often fail and break. That’s why we made a 12mm charm with a powerful attachment to the wire.
  3. Wire: A stainless steel wire with the right balance between flexibility and strength.
  4. Beads: The 8 Sunrise colored gemstones with a diameter of 8mm.
  5. Block: A small stainless steel rectangle with our beloved President Penguin on opposite sides.
  6. Beads: Another 8 Sunrise colored gemstones with a diameter of 8mm.
  7. Charm: The second charm, for a strong connection between the wire and the rings. The size and material (again stainless steel) are identical to the first charm.
  8. Rings: A total of 8 robust rings, also made from stainless steel. The rings enable you to adjust the size and give the bracelet a tougher appearance.
  9. Coin: The finishing touch is a thin coin with the biggest penguin boss of all time on both sides.
Style is key, but you can see that we never compromise on quality and durability.

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